With its new VARiOX trunking system, PFLITSCH brings an installation solution suitable for all standard machine-making, plant engineering and electrical applications onto the international market. Trunking layouts to suit your individual requirements can be quickly and easily configured and installed using a concise range of system components and the innovative VARiOX quick-release connector.

The new VARiOX incorporates a host of smart ideas: optimised wall thickness ensures the trunking is light but keeps its shape, which means it is easier to handle during installation. It can be quickly and easily assembled to create the required trunking layout without the use of special tools: the predrilled trunking bodies and accessory fittings are simple to fit together into a complete trunking layout with the multifunctional VARiOX quick-release connectors. Thanks to the clever way the VARiOX quick-release connector inverts, VARiOX trunking can also be screwed together and combined with e.g. parts from the Industrial-Trunking range. To connect VARiOX trunking with accessory fittings, the quick release connector can be simply bent to the required angle by hand.

The VARiOX quick-release connector can also be used as a tool to twist the connecting nibs exactly as required. A secure mechanical connection of the trunking components is ensured in every case. Another special feature is the self-engaging cover: its special shape allows it to be simply clipped onto the trunking body. It can be removed again at any time without the use of tools to open the trunking for any modifications to the cable installation.

The new VARiOX trunking system – for applications where the need for cost efficiency is ranked alongside quality and flexibility